Member Invoice Report
As the company's primary contact, you are asked to report on the work (number of hours) completed by your Embedded Executive (EE) before their invoice is submitted. One Invoice Report is required per Embedded Executive invoice. Hours Worked * Hourly Rate = Invoice Amount.

The Invoicing Process:
1) Connect with your Embedded Executive to determine the number of hours on the invoice.
2) Complete this Member Invoice Report.
3) Once complete, an automated confirmation email will be sent to both you and your EE.
4) Your EE will confirm the invoice amount and respond directly to the email with a matching invoice.
5) BC tech will pay 100% of the invoice.
6) BC Tech will invoice you for your share.

Please email with any questions or concerns.
Company Legal Name *

Primary Contact First Name *

Embedded Executive First Name *

What is your Embedded Executive's Hourly Rate? *

BC Tech is unable to fund hourly salaries above $125 an hour. If your Embedded Executive's hourly rate is above this maximum, please enter $125.
How many hours did your Executive work during this invoice? *

This number will be used to confirm the invoice.
Has your Executive helped you hit any additional significant events?

Example: IP Creation, Acquired, Funding, Partnership, New Strategy, New Clients, New Market Entry, Winning a Competition, etc.
Did your Executive provided you with any Business Introductions?

If so, could you please tell us about the connection (who and why)?
Example: Tim Smith, COO at Google for advice on a partnership.
Project Status *

Why? *

Program Feedback

Only BC Tech has visibility to this feedback. Your Embedded Executive will not be able to see your comments.
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Thank you.
BC Tech
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