The Embedded Executive Program provides Startups the ability to work with Executive level talent that otherwise would not be feasible. The Executive’s purpose is to build a foundation that will allow the company to scale to impressive heights.
Please email with any questions or concerns.
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Embedded Executive Terms & Conditions *

1) All funded work must be solely completed by the Embedded Executive.
2) The Embedded Executive must be on contract.
3) The Embedded Executive must have previously held an Executive level position.
4) The member company commits to provide BC Tech with basic Business Metrics for the previous and current calendar years.
Member Company Contract Information

Company Legal Name *

Primary Contact First Name *

Primary Contact Last Name *

Primary Contact Title *

Company Billing Street Address *

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Company Billing Country *

Embedded Executive Contract Information

First Name *

Last Name *

Phone Number *

LinkedIn URL *

Billing Street Address *

Billing City *

Billing Province *

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Billing Country *

2016 Business Metrics

January 1st 2016 - December 31st 2016*
Were you active in 2016? *

Active: founded before December 31st of the defined year.
What was your Employee Count at the end of 2016? *

Employees are counted based on a full-time basis of 35 hours per week. Part-Time employees are to be counted based on the percentage of time worked.
For Example:
Full-Time Employee (35+ hours) = 1
Part-Time Employee (17.5 hours) = 0.5
Contracted Employee (3.5 hours) = 0.1
What was your Annual Revenue in 2016? *

What was your Net Income in 2016? *

Include negatives if necessary.
What was your total Equity Investment in 2016? *

An equity investment generally refers to the buying and holding of shares of stock on a stock market by individuals and firms in anticipation of income from dividends and capital gains.
What was your total Non-Dilutive Investment in 2016? *

Project Proposal

Contract Start Date *

Contract End Date *

Executive's Hourly Rate *

BC Tech's matching funding policy has a maximum of $125/hr. Any hourly fee above $125 will still receive $56.25/hr. ($125*45% = $56.25) from BC Tech. The remaining monetary amount will be the member's responsibility.
Executive's Projected Hours *

How many hours will the Embedded Executive work on this project?
Project Overview *

Minimum of 3+ Sentences, please.
The Impact *

Why are you hiring the Embedded Executive? What benefit will be achieved?
Minimum of 3+ Sentences, please.
Deliverable #1 *

Example: A report outlining our top 10 possible major partnerships with reasoning why.
Deliverable #2 *

Example: The implementation of our CRM system with 100% migration of our accounts, contacts, leads, & opportunities.
Deliverable #3 *

Example: 100% of the Customer Success team trained and operational on our 2.0 strategy.
Deliverable #4

Deliverable #5

Deliverable #6

Thank you.
Your application is being reviewed. A member of the Growth Team will contact you within 3 business days.
Embedded Executive
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Thank you for showing interest in BC Tech's Embedded Executive program. Unfortunately, we cannot approve your application unless you agree to the terms and conditions of the program.
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