Status Update
Status Updates are to be completed monthly while participating in the EIR program. Please complete one Status Update per calendar month.
Company Legal Name *

What month are you reporting on? *

How are your Milestones coming along? *

Are you making progress? Have you hit any Milestones yet? Please provide a couple sentences on your progress.
Has your EIR helped you hit any additional significant events?

Example: IP Creation, Acquired, Funding, Partnership, New Strategy, New Clients, New Market Entry, Winning a Competition, etc.
Has your EIR provided you with any Business Introductions?

If so, could you please tell us about the connection (who and why)?
Example: Tim Smith, COO at Google for advice on a partnership.
Business Metrics for the Month.

You are only reporting on a 1-month time period.
Net Employees Hired *

Employees are counted based on a full-time basis of 35 hours per week. Part-Time employees are to be counted based on the percentage of time worked. 
Add Hired Employees.
Subtract Loss of Employees. 
For Example:
Full-Time Employee (35+ hours) = 1
Part-Time Employee (17.5 hours) = 0.5
Contracted Employee (3.5 hours) = 0.1
Monthly Revenue *

Month-over-Month Growth Rate *

Month-over-Month (MoM) Growth Rate formula = [((Present) - (Past)) / (Past)] * 100
August 2016 Monthly Revenue = $10,000
August 2017 Monthly Revenue = $20,000
MoM Growth Rate = [(($15,000) - ($10,000) / ($10,000)] * 100
                                    = 50%  
Equity Investment *

Non-Dilutive Investment *


Optional. Below is where you can provide feedback on your Executive-in-Residence, your sessions, and the program process in general. If you have a problem that needs immediate attention, please email
Feedback on your EIR

Feedback on the EIR program

Thank you for completing your Monthly Status Report.
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